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We designed a maintenance program with you in mind.



Are you tired of discovering mold, slime or black specks in your ice?  Does your ice have a strange taste to you?

Do you know manufacturers require periodic maintenance on their ice machines to maintain warranty status?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a program for you.


Reliable Refrigeration Services, Inc. Planned Maintenance Program (PMP) is designed especially to help you remedy those kinds of ice machine nuisances. Though we cannot guarantee against all mechanical failures, our focus and goal is to minimize unnecessary service calls due to water related issues and dirty machines. Well maintained equipment promotes efficient operations when you need it the most!  Our plan includes an 18 Point Inspection Checklist to clean your equipment. 


  • Clean and inspect soiled water distribution systems

  • Includes sump, tubing, distribution tubes and sensing probes

  • Check and clean condenser coil

  • Check and clean bin level control per factory specifications

  • Check and adjust water level sensor per factory specifications

  • Clean and sanitize bin

  • Inspect and adjust unit to proper factory specifications

  • Adjust ice thickness level to factory specifications

  • Check fan motors (Air-Cooled Units)

  • Check and clean remote condenser if applicable

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

  • Check water flow over coil

  • Check all hinges, handles and knobs

  • Pull and clean augers on Flakers and Nugget machines

  • Check water regulating valve

  • Inspect and clean drain lines

  • Clean exterior of ice machine

  • Replace 3M water filter (labor only included / parts are extra)

  • Prepare a PMA inspection report


We also offer a maintenance program for Low Temp Refrigeration such as reach-in and walk-in equipment.  Is your unit running a little on the warm side?  Do you have ice build up on your evaporator coils?  Do you have condensation build up inside your unit or a clogged drain?  Our maintenance program is the answer for you.


Benefits of our maintenance program includes the following:


  • Priority Service is extended to all refrigeration equipment covered in the program.

  • Service Call Fee is 42.50 on all future service calls for the equipment covered in this program.

  • Save 45% on ALL 3M Water Filters and replacement parts.

  • Well maintained equipment operates more efficiently and productively throughout the year.

  • Equipment manufacturers suggest a scheduled maintenance program to maintain equipment warranty status.

  • Reliable maintains a record (history) of all parts / repairs made to the equipment covered in this program.

  • Receive a discount on your next ice machine purchase and installation by Reliable if your equipment is diagnosed as not cost effective to repair.


Reliable invites you to join our Planned Maintenance Program and enjoy the ease and benefits of working with experienced technicians to maintain your ice machines and low temp equipment. 


For more information contact:


Margaret Tysdal @ 480-899-5424


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