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78RMT -- Pressurized Shake Freezer


Pressurized Shake Freezer

The 78RMT Electro Freeze Shake Machine can handle the extrem volume any shop may have.  It features a dispense-head-mounted mixer that blends flavors and/or crumb toppings into the shake product as it is dispensed, producing a high-quality, hand-made shake consistency. The quick, easy way to serve flavors regardless of the viscosity of the flavoring syrup or the fruit pulp it contains. Great for ice cream stores, QSR’s, or any other locations with volume and the customers to serve.



78RMT Ice Cream Machines Arizona
  • Depth:36"

  • Width:18"

  • Height:70"

  • Weight:520 lbs

  • Mix Hopper SizeNumber of Heads: 1

  • Freezing Cylinder Size10.4 quarts

  • Voltage208-230

  • Motor1.5 HP

  • Compressor12,000 BTU

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