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877B -- Countertop Cocktail Freezer


Medium Volume Countertop Cocktail Freezer

Fast, easy, labor saving, portion-controlled frozen cocktails from a machine that will last for many years.  This counter-model cocktail freezer produces the same high-quality cocktails as the 876B.  The size is perfect for locatoins with limited countertop space.  Product viscosity, or thickness, can be manually adjusted to dial-in beverages to your serving requirements.  The pre-set thicker consistency is perfect for premixed drinks like margaritas, daiquiris and specialty cocktails. The large visual product window provides excellent display and merchandising of fun beverage colors. There is an option for a refrigerated hopper (BRH) for serving fruit or dairy mixes, like frozen cappuccinos! This model is perfect for nightclubs, bars, Mexican restaurants & taquerias.



Electro 877B at Ice Cream Machines Arizona
  • Depth:22"

  • Width:13-7/8"

  • Height:31"

  • Weight:210 lbs

  • Mix Hopper Size20 quarts

  • Freezing Cylinder Size6 quarts

  • Voltage115

  • Motor1/4 HP

  • Compressor4,300 BTU

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